1. Use less material things
  2. It seems that our culture is one of needing. We do not like to go without. Many of the material things we buy are not used and or are later discarded. Our country wastes a lot of food by not eating it before it sours. Instead of putting proper amounts of food servings on our plate, we load it up and throw out what we can’t eat instead of saving it for later. Be conscious of what is bought. Whether it is clothing or food, going overboard is a sign of being wasteful. Everything that is bought new has to be manufactured, providing much more poisonous gases and other chemicals into our world. Help save the earth by making it possible to lower the production of things that are not really necessary.
  3. Recycle
  4. Many municipalities offer recycling of plastics, cans, glass and paper for free or at an extremely low cost. Instead of these materials going into garbage dumps, they are recycled and reused. Modern manufacturing techniques have come along way in being able to make new products out of recycled materials. Consumers can even by carpet flooring made out of recycled plastics. Recycling prevents are world from being filled with our garbage.
  5. Alternative energy
  6. Using more alternative energy sources such as solar can drastically lower the greenhouse gases that are admitted into our air. Now-a-days, solar energy can be used in conjunction with other traditional heating and cooling sources. It will also help reduce a consumer’s electrical costs. If this is not an option, keeping the traditional heating and cooling system in good working condition will make them run more efficiently. This will still help the environment.
  7. Conservative use of electricity
  8. Cutting off lights when not in the room, buying LED lighting, installing ceiling fans, unplugging electronics when not in use, turning off the hot water while brushing teeth and lowering the thermostat by a few degrees in the winter and increasing it by a few degrees in the summer are only a few simple things that will reduce electrical usage.
  9. Buy used when possible
  10. There are so many things on earth that can be used again such as appliances, furniture and clothing. Many people only want to buy new stuff. If every person decided that they would at least buy some items used, it would lower manufacturing because more of what is already here is being used. This will help save the earth.