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DQE Holdings is a traditional utility company based in downtown Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. The company provides electric power to much of metro Pittsburgh competing with longtime rival Allegheny Power and has extended its services into northern West Virginia and eastern Ohio. Through its chief subsidiary Duquesne Light the corporation provides energy to over 600 000 homes and businesses. Power is primarily generated via coal power plants.

Analysis of factors that affect DQE in digital mammography (Proceedings Paper) = Author(s): Miho Takamura; Akiko Higaki; Yoshie Kodera Date: 20 April 2005 1
Comparison measurements of DQE for two flat panel detectors : Fluoroscopic detector vs.2
DQE and Method Animation Partner for 3D “Robin Hood – Mischief in Sherwood’ Animated Seriesby chrisarrantApril 7, 2011 11:25 am DQE, the global entertainment production and distribution 3
DQE Communications LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Duquesne Light Holdings, Inc.4
DQE Decontamination Quick & Easy (DQE, Inc.) , Inc.5
DQE has a workforce of over 3200 highly qualified Animation, TV, Home Video, Feature Animation Gaming and Live Action professionals in India and 300+ freelancers working 6
DQE offers a new program to assist hospitals in command center training to prepare for disaster events.7
DQE operates freight service from a connection with the UP at Perkins, AR to De Queen, AR (45.3 miles).8
DQE Prism Emergency Inflatable Light Offers 360º of Illumination from a Single, Highly Portable Unit = FireRescue1 Press Release May 21, 2007 9
DQE, (AIM : DQE) The London listed Animation & Gaming Entertainment group, has signed a French co production deal with Paris-based entertainment group Moonscoop to close the Euro 9.10
FISHERS, INDIANA – The DQE Training Division is offering a new program to help hospitals better prepare for emergency and disaster events.11
from a connection with DQE at West Line, AR to a connection with the Kiamichi Railroad at Valliant, OK (39.8 miles). Traffic consists of forest products.12
Information on DQE is not available. Please try again with a modified request. SEARCH FOR A SYMBOL BY COMPANY NAME 1.13
MTF, DQE and the Great Digital Detector Debate by Marie S. Marchese d03a.14
obtained as a result of high DQE, achieved from the absorption properties of CsI, a high fill factor pixel matrix, and low noise readout electronics for this detector technology.15

Key people are Morgan K. O'Brien and Chairman and CEO.

ratio to the number of incident x-ray photons, the DQE describes how efficiently a system translates incident x-ray photons into useful signal (relative to noise) within an image.16
spatial frequency detective quantum efficiency DQE(0) of a direct conversion X-ray image detector. The DQE(0) performance of a-Se, HgI2 and CdZnTe detectors is examined for fluoroscopic applications.17
The agreement provides that DQE may back out of the deal if it gets a better proposal, but it would pay Allegheny $50 million when it withdrew and another $50 million if the 18
Under the deal, DQE could end up paying Allegheny Energy $50 million for withdrawing from the proposal without proper cause.19
uniformity, repeatability, and linearity, as well as MTF and DQE that were superior to those with the storage phosphor CR system.20
VSMLOC, LARGE NUMBER OF DQE CONTROL BLOCKS IN ADDRESS SPACE = A fix is available - Obtain the fix for this APAR.21
Webel DQE Animation Academy DQ Entertainment international is a leading producer of Animation and Visual Effects (VFX) for global TV Series, Feature Films, DTH Videos 22
Webel DQE Animation Academy is a joint initiative of Webel – a 100% Government of West Bengal Undertaking and DQ Entertainment (International) Ltd.23
Website Links: HAZ/MAT DQE INC | (0 items) | Collection Pool Instructions | Decontamination Shower | Delta Frame Collection Pool | Hospital Evacuation Webinar... | Indestructo Decontamination... | READYNOW Hospital Emergency...24
ZDF Enterprises and DQE sign distribution deal for new 3 D animated series "5 & IT" - Mainz, 6.6.25
DQE CNS requests that the Commission order NPTC immediately to provide DQE CNS with "nondiscriminatory access to the 26
Finally, the DQE of each FPD was obtained with a modified version of the international standard set by IEC 62220-1.27
That’s why DQE has developed the What’s Next Sustainment Program.28
The DQE is thus a measure of how much noise is added by the imaging system to the quantum noise that is present in the X-ray beam 29
The reporting currency of DQE India is Indian Rupee (INR) Co-production and development highlights include: · Co-production agreement for The New Adventures of Peter Pan, a 30
$942 million USD
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Formation Year
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DQE Holdings
Key People
Morgan K. O'Brien
Chairman and CEO
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