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Electricidad de Caracas is the integrated electricity company for Caracas Venezuela and surrounding areas with more than 1 million connections. It was acquired by AES Corporation in 2000 and sold to the state-owned oil company PDVSA in 2007 which now owns 93.62%. Paul Hanrahan president and CEO of AES said the deal had been a fair process that respected the rights of investors.

* Fitch Ratings Affirms Electricidad de Caracas at 'B+'. ...1
(brand: Electricidad De Caracas) in no country. It was released in the Dec 2004.2
Electricidad de Caracas has been privately owned since its founding in 1885. U.S.3
Electricidad de Caracas is the main supplier of electricity for the Caracas metropolitan area.4
Electricidad de Caracas to all the people in Caracas. Ottomar Pfersdorff arrived in Venezuela in the 40's and worked in the Electricidad de Caracas until 1970, when he retired.5

Electricidad de Caracas is founded in 1895.

Key person is Richard Bulger.

Electricidad de Caracas, the country's biggest power company, on state television. Police directed traffic at busy intersections in Caracas, and the subway system was taken out of service.6
Electricidad de Caracas: “Medidas de ahorro energético llegaron para quedarse” Apagones continuarán por lo menos hasta finales de año. Foto: Archivo. Caracas.7
of CA La Electricidad de Caracas (EDC) in the tender offer for EDC made by Petróleos de Venezuela, SA (PDVSA) for US$900 million.8
such as CA Electricidad de Caracas and cable television provider InterCable CA to sell debt with maturities ranging between five and 10 years on the Caracas Stock Exchange, commission President Fernando de 9
La Electricidad de Caracas: Legal review for a possible issue of GDRS (1992) 4.10
Electricidad de Guarenas y Guatire
Energy type
Company Name
CA La Electricidad de Caracas
Company Type
US$ 835.5 Million
Operating Income
- US$ 140.1 Million
Number Of Employees
Num Employees
Public utility
Petróleos de Venezuela
Formation Year
Key Person
Parent Company
Petróleos de Venezuela
Key People
Richard Bulger
Foundation Place

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