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Endesa Chile is the largest electric utility company in Chile. It was created as a subsidiary of the state-owned CORFO in 1 December 1943 and was privatized in 1989. As of April 2009 it is owned by Enersis with a 60% stake which in turn is 61% owned by Endesa International SA a wholly owned subsidiary of the Spanish Endesa Group. Besides Chile the Company has investments in Argentina Colombia and Peru.

Endesa and are dissatisfied with some aspect of the Company's energy distribution and supply and associated services it provides.1
* Siemens Supplies Solutions for Endesa for Combined Network Control Systems Project Across Latin America.2
Endesa Botrosa, nor about the previous owners nor on its original use and vegetation.3
2007 By: ENDESA via Business Wire News Releases Posted on November 15, 2007 at 08:38 AM EST CONSOLIDATED RESULTS ENDESA reports 9M07 net income of Euro 1,979 million 4
Anuncio de Endesa que fue grabado por componentes de la Agrupacion Musical de Morata de Tajuña Category: People & Blogs Tags: 5
Earlier this year, DELMCC99 tapped Endesa Chile as great way to play defense: "Stock has shown good sales and earnings growth over the past five years.6
ENDESA - NYSE: ELE - Posts Net Income in 2004 of Euro 1,379 Million, an Increase of 5.7
Endesa added that the adverse hydrological conditions in Chile were partially offset by "the geographic diversity of the company's investments in the region, a correct commercial policy 8
Endesa bidding war opens up again Men working on the logo of German power giant E.ONWill sealed bids make E.9
Endesa Carbono Activity on LinkedIn - * Endesa CarbonoEndesa Carbono has a new Market analyst No Photo 10
Endesa Carbono es una empresa experta en este mercado, con una gran experiencia en proyectos de reducción de emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero.11
Endesa Distribucion - Endesa is the leading company in the Spanish electricity sector and the largest private 12
Endesa Distribucion letter re ICPclick image above to view full letter In essence the letter is telling you that under a new law passed 1st 13
ENDESA Finalises Purchase of Additional 35% of SNET from Charbonnages De France.14
ENDESA Generación Presents at 5th Annual European Carbon Capture and Storage, Feb-17-2011 05:20 PM12/8/2010 ENDESA Generación Presents at 5th Annual European Carbon Capture and 15
Endesa in Argentina and Peru = From SourceWatch Jump to: navigation, search Endesa states that on 16
Endesa is pending.17
ENDESA manages 2,895 MW of installed capacity in Colombia through its holding in the Emgesa and Betania generating companies.18
Endesa Receives Permission For Natural Gas Power Station in Wexford - Posted on 03 August 2010.19
Endesa shareholder, would have meant more uncertainty for investors and a distraction for E.ON's management. “E.20

Key person is Joaquín Galindo Vélez.

Endesa translation English | Spanish-English dictionary = Spanish-English alternate English-Spanish alternate Search Endesa in dictionaries: 21
Energia SA, Endesa Generacion SA, Endesa Red SA, Internacional Endesa BV and Endesa Servicios SL, among others.22
for considerably less than Endesa paid for the business two years ago," he said. US company emerges as main bidder for four power stations Independent.23
from time to time by Endesa with the SEC contain important information and are avaible without charge from the SEC's website at www.sec.gov and at Endesa's principal executive offices in Madrid, Spain.24
Home » Company » E » Endesa Follow usFinwin Facebook Google + Endesa = History Endesa was founded on November 18, 1944.25
line through the endesa electricity site ? I recently and finally got set up to view my bills so when I'm not in Spain I know what's due,, however now that I can see a bill 26
March 16th, Endesa will have to specify the number of kilowatts consumed in 2008 that were charged at the 2009 rate.27
Moody's confirms Endesa at A3; outlook negative 08 Apr 2009 Rating Action Moody's confirms Enel at A2; outlook negative 28
obtaining a contract and dealing with Endesa can at times be a long drawn out and sometimes mind blowing process.29
Siemens Supplies Solutions For Endesa For Combined Network Control Systems Project Across Latin America = September 2, 2011 Siemens Supplies Solutions For 30
The head office of Endesa SA which is one of the largest companies in Spain (Espana) you can find in Madrid.31
The reason Endesa are insisting on everyone having an ICP is that without it, there is nothing to stop you drawing more power than you are paying for (in the 32
This decision enables ENDESA to enhance its natural gas business in line with the objectives of its Strategic Plan 2002-2006, benefiting from the close relationship between the markets for electricity and gas 33
University visited the headquarters of ENDESA in Madrid. ENDESA is the largest private electricity provider in Latin America. The outing was coordinated by professor Andy Bäcker of IE School of Architecture.34
Who is the Endesa Customer Ombudsman? Endesa is the only Spanish company in the energy sector to have a Customer Ombudsman. The Endesa Customer Ombudsman: www.defensordelcliente.endesa.35
…SPAIN - Endesa SA, a majority- owned unit of Enel SpA's wholly-owned Enel Energy Europe Srl subsidiary, agreed to acquire the gas clients portfolio of Gas Natural SDG SA, a Barcelona-based provider of 36
Endesa Chile is insured against business interruption. Quimbo is expected to require a USD841 million investment and begin operations in December 2014.37
Since 2006, Endesa Fortaleza has supported this educational institution with a focus on the improvement of the quality of life of the students and their 38
01% stake in Endesa for 9,627 million euros.39
2011, for the 11th consecutive year Endesa Chile was included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.aEUR� Endesa also publishes a 190 page long sustainability report that includes...40
Net Income
US$ 1.1 Billion
Endesa (Spain)
US$ 5.1 Billion
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Formation Year
Key Person
Chief executive officer
Public utility
Parent Company
Endesa (Spain)
Key People
Joaquín Galindo Vélez
Company Name
Empresa Nacional de Electricidad S.A.
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