Fennovoima is a Finnish nuclear power company owned by E. ON and a consortium of Finnish power and industrial companies. E. ON Kärnkraft Finland owns 34% of Fennovoima and Voimaosakeyhtiö SF owns 66%. Voimaosakeyhtiö SF has 69 shareholders. The company does not own any nuclear capacities; however it plans to build a nuclear power plant at Pyhäjoki or Simo.

Finnish nuclear power company Fennovoima on Friday invited French nuclear giant Areva and Japan's Toshiba to bid for the construction of a 1
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* Finnish Fennovoima to build nuclear plant in Pyhajokiat Reuters(Wed, Oct 5) * Boliden e-scrap to yield extra 14,000 T copper per yrat Reuters(Fri, 3
A Fennovoima spokeswoman said this week that it was ready to negotiate with Posiva and its owners.4
Areva and Toshiba have made commercial bids to Fennovoima for the construction of a nuclear power plant on a Greenfield site in Northern Finland.5
Article about the attack against the Fennovoima office in Lapland in anti atom aktuell #203EnlargeArticle about the attack against the Fennovoima office in Lapland in anti atom aktuell #203 6
Both Teollisuuden Voima Oyj (TVO) and Fennovoima said they were “very pleased” with the result, adding that their plans would benefit Finland as a whole.7
by Fennovoima as the site of the country's third nuclear power plant. Site preparations for the plant could start by the end of 2012.8
Chairman of the Board of Directors: Fennovoima Oy, Association of Finnish Steel and Metal Producers Vice Chairman of the Board: Moventas Oy Board member: Technology Industries of Finland, Stora Enso 9
consortium Fennovoima Oy has chosen Pyhjoki as the site for its...October 2011, Swedish energy company Vattenfall started the divestment of its electricity...10
development agreement with Finland's Fennovoima for the construction of a nuclear power plant.11
favour of Fennovoima’s bid, and 120 to 72 supporting TVO’s offer - on July 1, 2010. However, several legislators wanted to approve the construction of only one reactor.12
Fennovoima has already demonstrated its confidence in the EPR™ design by selecting AREVA in 2008 as one of the two plant supplier candidates.13
Fennovoima nuclear power plant to be constructed in Pyhäjoki Press Releases 2010 - 01 July E.14
Fennovoima Oy (Helsinki, Finland) has invited Areva S.A. (EPA:CEI) (Paris, France) and Toshiba Corporation (TYO:6502) (Tokyo, Japan) to bid for the construction of a grassroot nuclear power plant.15
Fennovoima Oy on vuonna 2007 perustettu energiayhtiö, jonka tavoitteena on rakentaa Suomeen uusi ydinvoimala. Yhtiö jätti periaatepäätöshakemuksen valtioneuvostolle tammikuussa 2009. Eduskunta myönsi luvan 1.16

Key person is Tapio Saarenpää.

Fennovoima Oy Submits EIA Report For Possible Finland N-Plant NucNet News, October 9, 2008 Fennovoima Oy today submitted its environmental impact assessment (EIA) report to Finland’s 17
Fennovoima Oy venture are competing for a permit to build a sixth atomic generator in the country. The government has said it may decide on adding a reactor by March.18
Fennovoima, a Finnish consortium in which the German utility E.On holds a 34 percent stake, must first decide where to build its plant.19
Finland's Fennovoima for the construction of a nuclear power plant.20
Finnish energy consortium Fennovoima has begun environmental impact assessments (EIAs) for its proposed 1000–1800MW nuclear plant in Finland, and rented land at one of the sites with a right-to-buy 21
Finnish project company Fennovoima has named the EPR supplied by Areva as one of two preferred bidders for a new nuclear project at Pyhajoki on Finald's west coast, reports 22
Nuclear developer Fennovoima has chosen Pyhäjoki in northern Finland as the site of its nuclear power plant following four years of assessments to whittle down the initial 40 23
Posiva: No room for Fennovoima waste in nuclear cave YLE * Share on Facebook * { "locale" : "en-US" } 24
Posiva: No room for Fennovoima waste in nuclear cave - Wednesday, October 5, 2011 The project director of the Olkiluoto 3 nuclear power plant, Posiva 25
Tällä sivulla Sivu - marraskuu 11, 2010 Fennovoima Oy:n tavoitteena on rakentaa Suomeen 1500–2500 megawatin ydinvoimala. Saksalaisen E.ON -energiayhtiön bulvaani Fennovoima Oy sai 1.7.26
The most important question of this initiative is that Fennovoima is still searching for a site for its project.27
to Fennovoima in Finland Areva Areva, which leads the EPR Team, submitted its commercial bid for the construction of a nuclear power 28
TVO wants to build its new plant at Olkiluoto, while Fennovoima is planning its site on the northwestern coast.29
TVO: No room for Fennovoima waste in nuclear cave, YLE FI 4 oct 11, Onkalo on Finland’s west coast will be the world’s first permanent nuclear waste repository.30
In a statement, Fennovoima said that the decision means that its plans for constructing a nuclear power plant in Hanhikivi are feasible.31
We have a minority stake in Fennovoima, a project company that plans to build a next-generation NPP in Finland. We're also a partner in a joint venture called Horizon Nuclear Power Ltd.32
Formation Year
Voimaosakeyhtiö SF
Nuclear power
Location City
Key People
Tapio Saarenpää
Owning Company

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