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Novelution Wind LLC is a Wyoming based wind firm that was formed in order to develop own and operate wind farms. Novelution Wind currently has two wind farm projects under development in Wyoming and Michigan. One project is known as the Chugwater Flats Energy Project located in Chugwater Wyoming. The other is known as the Carsonville Wind Project located in Carsonville Michigan.

Novelution Wind, LLC is a Wyoming based wind firm that was formed in order to develop, own, and operate wind farms.1
Novelution Wind, LLC was founded in 2008, with its main office in Chugwater, Wyoming.2
As Novelution Wind, LLC, draws closer to commencing construction on wind farms in Platte County, they met with the Platte County Board of Commissioners last Tuesday to discuss road agreements.3

with Novelution Wind, LLC announcing plans to commence construction as soon as necessary permits are obtained.4
The Chugwater Flats Energy Project by Novelution Wind was given a permit by the Industrial Siting Council. The first phase of the project would consist of 143 towers.5

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