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Oceana Energy Company is a tidal power company based in Washington DC. It is noted for having secured preliminary site permits for tidal power installations in various states and for being managed by high-profile lawyers. Critics including Verdant Power (who is building tidal turbines near Manhattan Island) accuse the company of squatting on prime locations identified earlier by EPRI a utilities' research group.

Oceana: Oceana Energy Company is a tidal power company based in Washington, DC.1
a week ago that MeTidal, a division of Oceana Energy had filed a request with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to surrender their Preliminary Permit for a proposed tidal energy 2
and the Oceana Energy Company - already surveying island waters for possible tidal energy generation sites. Natural Currents Energy Services, LLC, a Highland, N.Y.3
Attachment 39, the NAS Oceana Energy Vision, details the costs of energy purchased, generated, and delivered in FY96.4
Company, a subsidiary of Oceana Energy Company of Washington, D.C., proposed a turbine project under the General Sullivan Bridge.5
energy management systems, and Oceana Energy Company, a company that is developing new technology for converting tidal energy into electricity. Mr.6

METidal is a subsidiary of Oceana Energy Company, which is the parent of the similarly named NHTidal, NYTidal, and MATidal.7
Oceana Energy – Tidal power generation company in the United States Tidal Electric – Company focused on Tidal Lagoon development Blue Energy – Canadian Company developing a vertical axis turbine 8
Proposed lease area 1: Oceana Energy Co and Vision Energy LLC (ocean current resource data collection) Proposed lease area 2: Marine Sciences and Vision Energy LLC (ocean current resource data 9
subsidiary of the Oceana Energy Company, based in Washington, D.C. — withdrew their permits. At the time, both companies indicated building turbines in the Piscataqua was not economically feasible.10
The Oceana Energy Company of Washington, D.C.11
One company, Oceana Energy, recently was granted a federal permit to install turbines in the East River just north of Roosevelt Island.12

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