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Panax Geothermal Ltd is an Australian geothermal company based in Queensland. Its focus is on exploring existing reservoirs containing hot geothermal fluids. In March 2010 it succeeded to drill the first geothermal well in Australia to test a Hot Sedimentary Aquifer at the Penola Project in South Australia. The project received a $7 million federal government grant. In October 2010 the company acquired 45% of the Sokoria geothermal project on Flores island Indonesia.

* Panax Geothermal to Purchase Osiris Energy * MHI Supplies Geothermal Turbines to Reykjavik Energy * 1
Panax Geothermal’s Salamander-1 well rig to be mobilised in November PANAX Geothermal has been advised by drilling contractor 2
The owner of the Salamander-1 well at Penola, Panax Geothermal, is reporting a delay with a specialist logging contractor.3
* Panax Geothermal is expanding its hot rock activity to shallower (and cheaper to develop) areas in Indonesia, where the government 4
* Panax Geothermal (PAX) announced the signing of a 'binding terms sheet agreement' with PT Bakrie Power.5
19 cents while Panax Geothermal had jumped half a cent, or 21.7 per cent, to 2.8 cents.6
country´s Panax Geothermal announced recently that it is developing possibly the first grid connected geothermal demo plant in Australia, launching a "hot rocks" clean energy service in earnest.7
Dr de Graaf owns Panax Geothermal, which is finalising negotiations securing the geothermal rights in India and has completed an agreement to earn equity in projects in the Kyrgyz Republic.8

Key people are Dr Lambertus de Graaf and CEO.

GlobalData's Panax Geothermal Limited (PAX) SWOT Profile is a comprehensive business, functional and strategic analysis of Panax Geothermal Limited.9
Oct 26, 2009: Panax Geothermal Provides Update On Rig Mobilisation Date For Salamander-1 Well In Australia Scope - Provides key company information for business intelligence needs 10
PANAX Geothermal expects to start a production and re-injection testing program on the Salamander-1 well in Penola, South Australia, later this month after experiencing contractor-related delays. Full Story...11
Panax Geothermal Ltd acquires a minority stake in Kentor Gold-Expl License from Kentor Gold Ltd (pending) (3/12/2008 12:00:00 AM) Panax Geothermal Ltd acquires Kentor Gold-Expl License from Kentor 12
Panax Geothermal's Developments in Australia, Indonesia and India Dr Bertus de Graaf, Managing Director, Panax Geothermal 9.13
Panax Geothermal's Penola Project adds huge potential for ...14
Panax Geothermal is the operator of contiguous GELs 170–173, 184, 212, 223 and 484 to evaluate a hot sedimentary aquifer (HSA) play in the Otway Basin and 15
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Panax Geothermal
Geothermal energy
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Dr Lambertus de Graaf
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