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The Unified Energy System was an electric power holding company in Russia. It controlled about 70% of Russia's installed electric capacity 96% of its high-voltage grid and over 70% of its transmission lines. In addition to the Russian market RAO UES exported electricity to Scandinavia and to other members of the CIS. The last head of RAO UES was Anatoly Chubais.

auction held by RAO UES of Russia, thus becoming a majority shareholder of the company.1
* Information for RAO UES of Russia Shareholders * Action plan for the final reorganization of RAO UES * Documents for EGM on the 2
* Key options for shareholders during RAO UES reorganization * RAO UES Shareholder Calculator * Q&A on the final reorganization of RAO UES of Russia 3
(INVEL) was set up in accordance with a decision of RAO UES of Russia in 2003.4
Encyclopedia The Unified Energy System (OAO RAO UES of Russia; or ) was an electric powerElectric powerElectric power is the rate at which electric energy is transferred by an electric circuit.5
Immelt, INTER RAO UES Management Board Chairman Boris Kovalchuk, and UEC General Director Andrey Reus. The JV will manufacture, assemble, sell and service energy-efficient heavy-duty gas-fired power generation turbines.6
INTER RAO EES OAO : INTER RAO UES and Republic of Ecuador expand joint hydro project = INTER RAO UES and Minister Coordinator of Strategic Sectors of Ecuador 7
INTER RAO UES OJSC is a fast growing power supplier with a number of generation and distribution assets in Russia and abroad.8
INTER RAO UES will leverage the optimization solution to improve the quality and automation of their business processes, specifically for: * Planning and forecasting to support trading 9
Partners with INTER RAO UES and UEC in Energy, with RUSSIAN TECHNOLOGIES in Healthcare GE expands presence in fast-growing Russian healthcare and energy markets 10
position in the IT department of RAO UES of Russia Corporate Center.11
RAO Nordic Oy (100% subsidiary of Inter RAO UES) has been here for you in Helsinki since October 2002. Our owner Inter RAO UES is a major Russian trader across all Russian boarders.12
RAO UES (Unified Energy System) Russia can be considered a unified system only in a relative sense: the Far North and Kamchatka, say, are not part of it.13

RAO UES is the predecessor of the FGC UES.

Key people are Anatoly Chubais and Chairman of the Management Board.

RAO UES power plant built using project finance rather than internal funds. Financing was arranged by Sberbank and Vneshtorgbank.14
reorganization of the parent company, RAO UES, and its subsidiaries in order to create competitive and profitable enterprises that offer attractive investment opportunities.15
Russia-IC / News Archive / Russian Business and Law News / Rao UES of Russia to stop functioning 30 June 2008 Website Localization Flowers delivery Trans-Siberian Railway Reserve Train Tickets Buy Russian Souvenirs Rent a 16
Russian inter RAO UES reluctant to continue management of Armenian nuclear power plant = November 24, 2011 by admin Filed under New Build, Rosatom, Russia 17
The government has allowed RAO UES of Russia to sell the holding company's interests in OJSC Novosibirskenergo and OJSC Bashkirenergo.18
these operations, but Inter RAO UES is maintaining a de facto monopoly.19
This included comprehensive restructuring of RAO UES of Russia.20
«INTER RAO UES»), the project operator on the part of Russia, are the biggest energy companies in Russia, namely, JSC «RusHydro», JSC «RAO Energy System of East», JSC «Federal Grid Company 21
Anatoly Chubais, (CEO of Russian Joint Energy Systems RAO UES of Russia); and, Yuri Pitkevich, Prime Minister of Udmurt Republic.22
INTER RAO UES has several other IRM implementation projects in progress.23
Prior to joining RAO UES in July 2000 as Financial Director, Mr.24
The customer, Inter RAO UES, praised GlobalElektroServis for its high-quality work on the project, as did President Medvedev during his visit to the construction site.25
Extinction Year
Energy type
Company Name
Unified Energy System
Formation Date
Extinction Date
Num Employees
~ 577
Formation Year
Key Person
Anatoly Chubais
Key People
Anatoly Chubais
Chairman of the Management Board
Subsidiaries were separated and privatized
holding company was merged into UES FGC

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