Salten Kraftsamband
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Salten Kraftsamband or SKS is a Norwegian power company that operates eight hydroelectric power stations with annual production of 1 770 GWh. Since 1997 the company has also sold power to end-users. Head offices are located in Fauske. The company is owned by the City of Bodø (47.72%) Troms Kraft (20.35%) Municipality of Fauske (12.83%) Nordkraft (8.86%) Sjøfossen Energi (6.92%) and Skjerstad Kraftlag (3.32%).

and Salten Kraftsamband to Toms Kraft Group  The development of renewable production will primarily be within offshore wind farms  The sale is subject to approval 1
and Salten Kraftsamband, two energy companies based in northern Norway, to a company in the Troms Kraft Group. The selling price of Nordkraft is approx. DKK 1.1 billion ... 22.06.2
Salten Kraftsamband AS for a cash consideration of NOK 1 billion for the shares.3

hos Salten Kraftsamband produksjon (SKS produksjon), på Fauske. Selskapet Salten Kraftsamband eier 9 kraftstasjoner, som til sammen produserer 1,8 TWh/år.4
til Salten Kraftsamband AS for et kontantvederlag på en milliard norske kroner.5
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Salten Kraftsamband AS
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