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Statnett is a Norwegian state owned enterprise responsible for owning operating and constructing the stem power grid in Norway. The company has its headquarters in Oslo Norway. Statnett also owns 30% of the Nord Pool Spot along with other Nordic transmission system operators.

Statnett and TenneT; Capacity is 700MW monopolar; Expected to be operational by 2015-2016 3. Nord.1
Statnett is responsible for all high voltage electricity transmission and distribution in Norway.2
* NIB and Statnett Sign Loan for Financing of Subsea Cable Between Norway and Denmark * Hibernia Announces Deep-Sea Submarine Survey Underway for Project 3
AF Group (AFG) is nominated as contractor by Statnett for the construction of foundations between Ålfoten and Moskog, a part of the main project Ørskog-Fardal.4
exchanges, following Statnett's and Svenska Kraftnät's decision to exercise their option to sell the shares in the company. Financial terms have not been disclosed.5
Inge joined Statnett in 1995 with responsibility for developing the offshore work.6
management team, implementing IFS at Statnett in 2001/2002. Post implementation he held the position of system manager at Statnett for the total IFS solution.7
operator, Statnett SF, is planning to deploy RStandard poles as part of a new 132kV line along Norway's northern mountainous border with Russia.8
Pool ASA, Statnett and Svenska Kraftnät, received an option to sell the shares in Nord Pool ASA to NASDAQ OMX at a later date.9
Statnett and TenneT are the managers of the national high‑voltage grid in their respective countries, also known as Transmission System Operators (TSOs).10

Key person is Auke Lont.

Statnett is first of all responsible for all high voltage electricity transmission and distribution in Norway.11
Statnett koordinerer all norsk kraftproduksjon og forbruk, eier 95 prosent av det sentrale kraftnettet og sikrer levering av strøm til alle deler av landet.12
Statnett met en place la bourse énergétique Nord Pool, à laquelle se joint la Finlande en 1998 et l'ouest du Danemark l'année suivante.13
Statnett says on its website that the power situation in northern Norway is very vulnerable for a break from the power line to begin again Kvandal 14
Statnett SF, the Norwegian power grid company, is using video and image processing technology for remote monitoring.15
StatnettStatnettStatnett is a Norwegian state owned enterprise responsible for owning, operating and constructing the stem power grid in Norway.16
Still, Statnett carried on, beginning construction of the controversial power line through means of immiment domain and taking advantage of already exhausted land owners.17
Vi i Statnett skal utvikle morgendagens sentralnett for å sikre en god og sikker strømforsyning til alle. Utfordringene er mange og scenarioene er usikre.18
Statnett har derfor igangsatt prosjektet ”Nettplan Stor-Oslo” som skal etablere en slik plan for perioden fra 2013 frem mot 2050.19
Statnett SF ordered a route survey from MMT that partly followed routes already surveyed in order to get a complete and updated picture of the seabed conditions.20
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Statnett SF
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Auke Lont

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