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Telasi is an electricity distribution company of Tbilisi Georgia. In 1998 the company was privatized to AES Corporation whose efforts to repair and modernize the electrical grid of Tbilisi were documented in the film Power Trip by Paul Devlin. In 2003 AES sold Telasi to a Russian company Inter RAO UES. The Russian company paid $26 million to AES for Telasi and in return AES paid off $60 million of Telasi debt in effect paying Inter RAO UES $34 million to take Telasi off their hands.

Telasi company for $35 million but, when they finally gave up on the Georgian society and its people, the global 1
Bank), as head of AES Telasi’s legal department and as a partner in a Georgian law firm.2
2001-2004, JSC, "AES Telasi" (Power Distribution Company), North Region Director; 2001-2001, JSC, "AES Telasi" (Power Distribution Company), south Region project Manager; 2000-2001, JSC, "AES 3
· Telasi: Tbilisi Distribution owned by RAO UES · Kakheti: remains in state ownership despite attempts to privatise · Energo Pro Georgia: a Czech company which 4
electrical distributing company, Telasi, in a bid to expand the American company's international market share.5
electricity utility Telasi by an American company AES to Russia's UES.6

followers of Telasi, the self-proclaimed Ariya (that is, Arimetteya), at the village of Tee Maw near the Thai-Burmese border.7
in course of privatisation) and Telasi Distribution Area (75% owned by UES and 25% by state).8
interest in Telasi, the electricity distribution company of Tbilisi, Georgia, for approximately $25.5 million.9
on the privatization of Telasi, the electricity distribution company of Tbilisi.10
Telasi Bugbear in the Playground Join Date: Oct 2009 Location: Nashville, Tennessee, CAS Gender: Male 11
Telasi, which used to distribute electricity in Tbilisi, the capital of the former Soviet republic of Georgia.12
Inter RAO
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Inter RAO
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