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Tractebel Energia is a major Brazilian utility company headquartered in Florianópolis Santa Catarina. It is the largest private electricity producer in Brazil. Its 11 plants six of them hydroelectric and the remainder thermal have an installed capacity of 6 977 MW in operations ave an installed capacity of around 9 000 MW. Tractebel Energia's major shareholder is GDF Suez S.A. the Paris-based utility company via its Suez-Tractebel unit.

15/12/2011 - Apresentação na TRACTEBEL ENERGIA de Florianopolis (Orquestra Escola) 15/12/2011 - Apresentação na TRACTEBEL ENERGIA de Florianopolis (Orquestra Escola) * Order: Reorder 1
A Company belonging to IPR-GDF SUEZ Group, Tractebel Energia has over 1,000 employees in Brazil. The Company's main customers are electricity distributors and traders, in addition to large industries.2
Empregado Tractebel Energia: entre com seu login e senha de acesso ao PORTAL.3
Executive Officer of Tractebel Energia in 1999.4
percent of Tractebel Energia's installed capacity comes from renewable energy sources.5
Tractebel Energia : ISE Index of the Sao Paolo stock exchange In Brazil, Tractebel Energia has seen its presence reaffirmed for the sixth year running in the Sao Paolo stock 6
Tractebel Energia has its registered offices in Florianopolis in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil. It is the largest private sector electric energy generator in Brazil.7
Tractebel Energia is part of SUEZ, an international industrial and services Group, which designs sustainable and innovative solutions in the management of public utilities, aiming to answer 8

Tractebel Energia is founded in 1899.

Key people are Manoel Arlindo Zaroni Torres and Maurício Stolle Bähr.

Tractebel Energia ist ein börsenotiertes brasilianisches Energieunternehmen, welches mehrheitlich (78%) vom französischen Konzern GDF Suez gehalten wird.9
year, Tractebel Energia is also building a new biomass plant, the 33 MW Andrade project, fuelled by sugar cane biomass.10
Purchaser is the utility Tractebel Energia, headquartered in Florianópolis. After commissioning in late 2012, the combined capacity of the five projects will be 145 MW.11
Tractebel Energia has its registered...The Company's generating complex...Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul, Sao Paulo...Group, Tractebel Energia has over ...12
Tractebel Energia is a private sector electric energy generator... Tractebel Energia S.A. Sets Date to Announce Fourth Quarter 2011 Results.13
2 Tractebel Energia SA (Tractebel), Business Description 74 8.5.3 Tractebel Energia SA (Tractebel), SWOT Analysis 75 8.14
3 Tractebel Energia SA (Tractebel), Business Description 82 14.4 Tractebel Energia SA (Tractebel), Major Products and Services 83 14.5 SWOT Analysis 83 14.5.15
Energy type
Company Name
Tractebel Energía S.A.
Company Type
US$ 2.0 Billion
Number Of Employees
Num Employees
Net Income
US$ 651.3 Million
GDF Suez
Formation Year
Key Person
Chief executive officer
Parent Company
GDF Suez
Key People
Manoel Arlindo Zaroni Torres
Maurício Stolle Bähr
Foundation Place

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