Agder Energi
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Agder Energi is a power company based in Agder Norway. It is the second largest power producer in Norway after its largest owner Statkraft (45.5%) who owns it along with 31 municipalities in the region Agder. It operates 31 hydroelectric power plants operates the power grid in 31 municipalities as well as district heating in Kristiansand Mandal and Risør. Through the subsidiary LOS Agder Energi offers end-user sale of power and broadband.

* Klaus-Ole Vogstad, Head of W&S, AGDER ENERGI PRODUKSJON * Jesper Thieson, Partner, CONWX APS * Dr.1
(49,9%), Agder EnergiAgder EnergiAgder Energi is a power company based in Agder, Norway.2
Agder Energi (AE) on norjalainen Agderissa toimiva energiakonserni, jonka pääkonttori sijaitsee Kristiansandissa. Se on Norjan neljänneksi suurin energiayhtiö vesivoiman määrässä mitattuna.3
Agder Energi Agder Energi is one of the largest energy companies in Norway, measured by total production and number of customers.4
Agder Energi frir på nytt overfor Lyse Energi, selv om de ble forsmådd i 2001. Les mer om Lyse Energi og Lyse.5
Agder Energi Innovasjon AS Kjøita 18, 4610 KRISTIANSAND , NO Postadresse: Postboks 603 Lundsiden, 4606 Kristiansand Selskapets oppgaver er overvåkning av markeder, rammebetingelser, 6
Agder Energi Nett eier og har driftsansvaret for det elektriske regional- og fordelingsnettet i begge Agder-fylkene, totalt 18.600 km linjer. Agder Energi Nett overfører energi til 171.7
AGDER ENERGI PRODUKSJON AS Supplier of: Hydroelectric power stations | Oslo - NORWAY AKER MARINE CONTRACTORS AS 8

Key people are Sigmund Kroslid and Tom Nysted.

AGDER ENERGI PRODUKSJON AS Supplier of: Hydroelectric power stations | Ranasfoss - NORWAY AKERSHUS KRAFT AS Supplier 9
Agder Energi Produksjon AS Agder Energi Sverre Benestad Serviceboks 603, 4606 Kristiansand S Norway +47 38 60 71 84
Agder Energi Venture AS, a unit of Agder Energi AS.11
Rejlers and Agder Energi has agreed that Rejlers will acquire Nettkonsult AS in two steps.12
Statkraft acquires shares in Agder Energi and takes 100 per cent control of TEV. 2002 Shareholding in Sydkraft is increased to 44.6 per cent.13
Troms Kraft, Agder Energi, NTE, Eidsiva Bredband and Altibox – for an equity value of up to NOK1.8 billion (USD304.9 million).14
Agder Energi søker primært kandidater innenfor teknologi og finans, men har behov for de fleste utdannelsesretninger.15
Ole Theodor Donnestad - Agder Energi Produksjon As 100.16
Energy type
Location City
Area Served
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Electric power industry
Formation Year
Key Person
Sigmund Kroslid
Key People
Sigmund Kroslid
Tom Nysted
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