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Canadian Hydro Developers Inc. was a Canadian company that operated 12 hydroelectric power sites eight wind power sites and one biomass power site in Canada. Canadian Hydro was founded by two brothers John and Ross Keating with Jack McCleary. In 1989 Canadian Hydro had secured $1.3 million in equity and a contract with TransAlta to build three small run-of-river facilities. Revenue from these plants were then used in part to finance the future plants.

* Canadian Hydro Developers Announces Exercise Of Over-Allotment Option * Vector Wind Energy Completes Non Brokered Private Placement Of 1
and Canadian Hydro Developers one of Canada’s leading renewable energy companies.2
Arawak Energy | Canadian Hydro Developers | Mahalo Energy | Trican Well Services | Oilexco Pearl Exploration and Production | Arc Resources | Calgary Olympic Development Agency 3
Canadian Hydro Developers CEO John Keating said, "This new power plant is a perfect example of balancing the needs of the environment with responsible economic development.4
Canadian Hydro Developers of Calgary plans to build two 10-megawatt solar photovoltaic plants alongside the Loyalist Parkway, just west of the Lennox generating station in the spring of 5

Key people are Kent Brown and Chief Executive Officer.

Canadian Hydro Developers, is in the midst of bringing the turbines to the island.6
complaints and consultants reports by Canadian Hydro Developers that revealed noise violations. Tomlinson consulted acoustics specialists at Ryerson University and within the MOE.7
from Canadian Hydro Developers is on the show giving us the inside scoop on building a $410 million, 198MW wind farm.8
Today, Canadian Hydro Developers is said to be unique with its varied portfolio in renewable energy projects.9
Vector was purchased by Canadian Hydro Developers in December 2006. Managed all aspects of wind energy development with a focus on Eastern Ontario.10
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