China Shenhua Energy Company
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China Shenhua Energy Company (in short form China Shenhua or Shenhua) is the largest coal mining state-owned enterprise in Mainland China and the largest coal mining enterprise in the world. It is a subsidiary of Shenhua Group. It is engaged in the production and sale of coal and the generation and sale of electric power in the PRC. It operates coal mines as well as an integrated railway network and a seaport that are primarily used to transport its coal.

Also, China Shenhua Energy Company has bid for the available 49 percent stake in the mine.1
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China Shenhua Energy Company Limited is an integrated energy company. the Company operates its businesses through coal division, which involves in ...3
China Shenhua Energy Company Limited is an integrated energy company.4

Key person is Mr. Zhang Xiwu.

Its subsidiary China Shenhua Energy Company is listed at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Shanghai Stock Exchange.5
Meanwhile, General Electric and China Shenhua Energy Company has formed a joint venture that will seek to advance cleaner coal technology for industrial chemicals, fuels and power generation.6
The China Shenhua Energy Company bid for the Watermark exploration area has stunned the coal industry, which has just agreed to a landmark coal-loading peace deal brokered by former premier Nick 7
Energy type
Company Name
China Shenhua Energy Company
Location City
Company Type
Government-owned corporation
Area Served
Region Served
People's Republic of China
Num Employees
Coal mining
Shenhua Group
Formation Year
Key Person
Parent Company
Shenhua Group
Key People
Mr. Zhang Xiwu

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