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Edegel is the largest private electric power generation company in Peru. The Company has a total installed capacity of more than 1.400 megawatts(MW) and it supplies to the Peruvian National Grid.

ABB LTB 245 Circuit Breaker at EDEGEL in Peru.1
Some have gone further, such as Edegel and EEPSA (in Peru), achieving certification for the SA8000 Internal Social Responsibility Standard.100% of the Energy Distributed by ENDESA in Latin America and 98% of ...2
the country include Edegel, a subsidiary of Endesa, and Egenor, a subsidiary of US-based Duke Energy. Events - * 05.Mar.3
Sostenibilidad 2009, Edegel presenta un Reporte alineado con los Indicadores GRI G3 Nivel A+.4
Edegel SAA is a Peru-based company primarily engaged in the electric power generation.5
Edegel Completes Bond Offering Of $35.6

Key people are Carlos Alberto Luna Cabrera and Rafael Mateo Alcalá.

EDEGEL leads thermal generation also with 32% of the total. Private companies dominate the generation sector.7
Conduit Capital Sells Interest In Edegel For $50M published by Editor on September 28th, 2010 Tags: Energy, Exit, Peru (Conduit Capital) September 28, 2010 – 8
Edegel cuenta con las siguientes certificaciones internacionales: ISO 9001; ISO 14001; OHSAS 18001; y fue la primera empresa del país en certificar la SA 8000 de responsabilidad 9
todos y cada uno de los que trabajan en Edegel o en sunombre, y son trasladados a los contratistas y proveedores.10
o EDEGEL: Energy distribution automated control software management o Integrated State’s Service BUS: SOA project for an EBUS for all the state agencies’ services 11
Num Employees
US$ 366.4 Million
Energy type
Formation Year
Number Of Employees
Key Person
Key People
Carlos Alberto Luna Cabrera
Rafael Mateo Alcalá
Company Name
Empresa de Generación Eléctrica de Lima S.A.A.
Company Type

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