Eesti Energia

Eesti Energia AS is a state-owned energy company in Estonia with its headquarters in Tallinn. The company operates in Estonia Latvia Lithuania Finland and Jordan. In Estonia the company operates under the name Eesti Energia while using the brand name Enefit for international operations. The main raw material for energy production – oil shale – is extracted from mines owned by the company. The government considered the initial public offering of shares of the company.

* Eesti Energia exports large quantity of electricity to Latvia.1
advertising agency for brand: Eesti Energia in Estonia. It was released in the Jul 2009.2
Eesti Energia Aktsiaselts on 1939. aastal asutatud Eesti riigile kuuluv rahvusvaheline energiaettevõte, kes tegutseb Baltimaades, Soomes, Jordaanias ja USA-s.3
Eesti Energia and NRG Energy Issue Mandate Letter for Estonian Power Project. = Published on AllBusiness.4
Eesti Energia AS is a 100 per cent state-owned vertically integrated public limited company, engaged in power production, transmission, distribution and sales as well as other power-related services.5
Eesti Energia buys bio-energy company in Latvia = Jan 19th, 2011 by The Baltic Course | Baltic States news & analytics.6
Eesti Energia closes the Aidu quarry - Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 19.01.2012.7
Eesti Energia Eesti Energia AS is an Estonian state-owned energy company engaged in the production, transmission, distribution and sale of electric and thermal power, oil-shale mining, and construction and 8
eesti energia infotelefon 0.36% 7 viron energian tuotanto 2011 0.9
Eesti Energia IPO may come in June = 18.02.10
Eesti Energia is a state-owned company engaged in the generation, sale, and transmission of electric and thermal power.11

Key person is Sandor Liive.

Eesti Energia might be able to mine oil shale in Jordan - Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 15.07.12
Eesti Energia Olitoostus As, has not approved or sponsored Panjiva's provision of any of the information in this profile.13
Eesti Energia, founded in 1939, is an international energy company offering integrated energy solutions, from production of electricity, heat and fuels to sales, customer care and additional energy-related 14
Eesti Energiamanager Sandor Liive said, explaining the decision, that in order to stay competitive in the telecommunications network business, major investments have to be made that the company cannot do 15
Estonia Lauren, Pittsburgh, Eesti Energia, Carnegie Mellon University, Environmental, Dump, Invasive, Student, Assistance Rikki Hrenko - 28 years old from Tallinn, 16
Estonian state power company Eesti Energia said it agreed a deal with the Jordanian government to extract oil shale in the country for the next 40 years, with the option of 17
If Eesti Energia and Jordan go forward with the project, the plant is set to be among the largest oil shale-fired thermal stations in the world, second only to Estonia’s Nova power plants, which generate a 18
Ltd), a subsidiary of Eesti Energia, supplies consumers of Estonia with electric power, the town of Narva with thermal energy, exports electric power to the Baltic States and supplies the Nordic Power 19
The storm could have cost Eesti Energia over a million euros = 03.01.20
Verwaltungszentrale von Eesti Energia in Tallinn (2009) Wasserkraftwerk Linnamäe Die Eesti Energia AS („Energie Estlands“) ist ein estnischer Energiekonzern.21
· Accession to Eesti Energia 20 A (possibility of acquiring additional power - 1600A substation) · Street lighting planning · Road corridor 12m wide · Possibility of 22
Energy type
Location City
Government of Estonia
Area Served
Region Served
Num Employees
ca 7400
Company Slogan
To devote all of our energy for the good of the people
Oil shale
Formation Year
Key Person
Chief executive officer
Key People
Sandor Liive

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