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Energinet. dk is the Danish national transmission system operator for electricity and natural gas. It is an independent public enterprise owned by the Danish state under the Ministry of Climate and Energy. Energinet. dk has some 520 employees and its headquarters are located in Erritsø near Fredericia in Jutland.

Energinet.dk, which is responsible for operating the electricity grid in Denmark, is managing the scheme.1
Energinet.dk leveraged SAP BusinessObjects software to embark on a new business intelligence strategy, creating powerful, intuitive dashboards to analyze business metrics and improve business performance.2
with design and civil engineering work at the site of Energinet.dk in Egtved.3
competition organized by Energinet.dk, the state-owned utility that operates Denmark’s energy grid to find the most attractive pylon.4
Energinet.dk is responsible for transporting the gas, managing emergency situations and for balancing of the Danish gas system.5
Energinet.dk, which is responsible for e.g.6
continuation of earlier projects supported by Energinet.dk and has a total budget of EUR 3.6 million, is to further develop the SOFC technology and reduce manufacturing costs.8
Danish transmission grid operator Energinet.dk for the development of a land HVDC cable system for the Skagerrak 4 interconnection between Norway and Denmark.9

It is the successor of the Eltra Elkraft System Elkraft Transmission Gastra .

Key person is Peder Østermark Andreasen.

Energinet.dk has been providing project funding. Energinet.dk is the entity responsible for the electricity and natural gas systems in Denmark.10
with energiNet.dk based on estimated production figures from the beginning of the test. The reports contains both wave information (wave height, period,..11
CEO of Energinet.dk on 1 March 2005. Before that Mr Andreasen worked 19 years with tele communication with TDC (the leadin...12
AG, Nord Pool Spot AS, Energinet.dk, Vattenfall Europe Transmission GmbH and E.ON Netz GmbH have adopted a Memorandum of Understanding concerning market coupling. Energinet.dk E.13
serious Energinet.dk has two objectives for the security of supply of the Danish gas market which in combination dimension the reserve emergency management level in emergency situations.14
Psymetrix partners with Energinet.dk to become part of the Danish wind power success story November 24, 2009 Psymetrix partners with Energinet.15
Energinet DkMarch 2011 : energinet.dk, the Danish transmission system operator, ordered a set of SIMEAS SAFIR functional extensions.16
project which Energinet.dk has approved.17
light to the state-owned company Energinet.dk can begin work with Denmark's largest offshore wind power, which will run between Djursland and Anholt.18
Elkraft System
Elkraft Transmission
Eltransmission.dk A-S
Gastransmission.dk A-S
Energy type
Location City
State ownership
Government of Denmark
Number Of Employees
Num Employees
Formation Year
Transmission system operator
Key People
Peder Østermark Andreasen
Owning Company
State ownership

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