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Eskom is a South African electricity public utility established in 1923 as the Electricity Supply Commission (ESCOM) by the government of South Africa in terms of the Electricity Act (1922). It was also known by its Afrikaans name Elektrisiteitsvoorsieningskommissie (EVKOM). The two acronyms were combined in 1986 and the company is now known as Eskom. Eskom represents South Africa in the Southern African Power Pool.

Eskom’s generation capacity prior to starting their current new build programme was around 39GW, of which 2GW are hydropower or pumped storage and the remainder are 1
Eskom plans to reduce its dependency on coal over the next 20 years, says the chief executive at the power utility, Brian Dames.2
State energy company Eskom has invited South Africans to register on its website to get tips on reducing their energy consumption as well as incentives for using solar energy 3
Eskom’s Renewables Strategy — Presentation Transcript - * Eskom's renewable strategy, innovation and green energy Presented by: Dave Lucas 4
Eskom warns of high risk of blackouts VIDEO: Eskom urges power saving Eskom apologises for power problems Eskom reports 600 MW 5
Eskom, SIU to fight corruption = February 7 2012 at 03:24pm Comment on this story - 6
Eskom generates approximately 95% of the electricity used in South Africa and approximately 45% of the electricity used in Africa.7
Eskom is a South African electricity public utility, established in 1923 as the Electricity Supply Commission (ESCOM) by the government of South Africa in terms of 8
Comverge to Both Manage and Provide Curtailment Services for Eskom in Newly Formed South African Demand Response Market NORCROSS, Ga., Dec. 20, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Comverge, Inc.9
Eskom is an established company in South Africa with an illustrious history in the role it has played in growing the SA economy since its founding 10
Eskom's Future plans for solving the power supply problem Eskom, the public utility corporation, is the supplier of 95% of South Africa's energy has initiated a multitude of 11
Eskom to complete CSP design by 2013, commission plant in 2016 Eskom to complete CSP design by 2013, commission plant in 2016 Monetary policy focus remains on...12
The Report has benchmarked Eskom against competing firms in the Electric Services industry worldwide—going beyond traditional methods of company benchmarking.13
» Eskom facing court on BHP Billiton deal » MPs want details on Eskom deals » Another SA power shortfall in 2018 » Smelter contracts puts 14
Tariffs help Eskom up profits again Eskom unveils pilot solar plant Eskom secures more green energy funding Eskom again warns of power crunch 15
September 29, 2011 — South Africa’s Eskom has secured a $100 million credit facility from French development finance group Agence Française de Développement for 16
Dr R L Straszacker was the Chairman of Eskom when it was decided to build Arnot. Eskom then bought the farm Rietkuil from its owners.17
THE ESKOM DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION Views: 2505 | Downloads: 11 Eskom Power Stations Views: 252 | Downloads: 0 Conference - Eskom Convention Centre Views: 1 | Downloads: 0 July 18
Eskom had been tracking customer applications at 25 customer service offices using a system based on Microsoft Project and Microsoft Excel.19
:: Nature of Business :: Eskom in a nutshell :: General Information :: Products/Services :: Buy Notices :: Related Organisations :: Facilities :: Projects :: Directors/Managers :: Contact Information 20

Key person is Acting CEO.

Eskom has decided to replace the normal Internet site with this temporary version, due to technical difficulties.21
0 COMMENTS State-owned power utility Eskom says the consortium responsible for supplying the boiler at Unit 6 of its 4 800 MW Medupi power station, in Limpopo, has committed itself to 22
Eskom's Solar Water Heating Programme, introduced at the beginning of 2008, has undergone a major change that brings it into line with international practice.23
Eskom has a history of assisting local enterprises with their electricity needs for fish production.24
Eskom Power-Failure Risk Heightens on Increased Maintenance = January 10, 2012, 12:53 AM EST * 25
* Eskom giving away electricity to BHP at below cost... * Maroga sues Eskom for R85m...26
in Cape Town that Eskom, which burnt 130-million tons of coal a year, believed the relatively recent dry-coal beneficiation was the way forward as it reduced water use.27
Act, Eskom Holdings will in future only be able to sell bonds directly to clients in amounts of R500 000 nominal value or more per transaction.28
Eskom: Medupi has not been delayed = Sapa | Tue, 14 Sep 2010 21:22 29
* Eskom's Major Humiliation Tweet Tweet Email Share Eskom's Major Humiliation = Eskom embarrassed into fabricating 30
Eskom has warned of a "very high" risk of rolling blackouts around the country, but was doing everything it could to avert it.31
Eskom is South Africa’s largest producer of electricity, providing over 95% of the countries eskomvacanciesmap 300x274 Eskom Vacancies Eskom Vacancies Map 32
Eskom proposed to build as part of a large capacity expansion program to stop the gap.33
Or Eskom, for that matter. You can laugh or you can cry but our country is in crisis. Rolling blackouts, load shedding or simply power cuts.34
Eskom behaviour DOUBLES cost of power plant tedblom wrote 5 days ago: Eskom, the South African power utility wholly owned by the SA Government, has again won the 35
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Eskom is the world's eleventh-largest power utility in terms of generating capacity, ranks ninth in terms of sales, and boasts the world's largest dry-cooling 37
Please visit Eskom Website shortcut below for detailed information on program.
stations, while Eskom had hiked electricity prices … * 17 Feb 15:10 GMT Xstrata/Merafe JV plans furnace shutdowns to 39
Energy type
Company Name
Company Type
Public utility
ZAR 91
447 million
Number Of Employees
Formation Date
Num Employees
Energy industry
ZAR 328
145 million
Net Income
356 million
Formation Year
Key People
Acting CEO

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