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Gas Natural SDG S.A. trading as Gas Natural Fenosa is an energy company which operates primarily in Spain but also in such countries as Italy Mexico Colombia Argentina Puerto Rico and Morocco. Its main interests are the distribution of natural gas in Spain Italy and Latin America the generation and commercialisation of electricity in the recently liberalised Spanish market as well as in Puerto Rico and the management of gas infrastructure.

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Situated in the Great Falls, MT area, Gas Natural Inc is a member of the Energy industry.2
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gas natural son extraídos, puesto que su presencia puede causar accidentes durante la combustión del gas natural.4
Nov 18, 2009: Gas Natural Inaugurates Huelva-Ayamonte Gas Pipeline In Andalusia, Spain Nov 04, 2009: Gas Natural Reports Net Sales Of EUR10,527 Million For Nine Months Ended 2009 5
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Gas Natural SDG SA of Spain agreed to load 3.7
Gas Natural SDG SA (Gas Natural Fenosa) is a Spain-based integrated gas and electricity holding company.8
, Gas Natural's Chairman, stated, "This acquisition presents a tremendous expansion opportunity for the Company in Ohio while bringing clean, economical natural gas service to Ohio residents 9
since the Repsol – Gas Natural LNG Stream society was created in 2005, they have worked together in the exploration, production, liquefaction, transportation and wholesale marketing of liquefied natural gas (LNG).10
Sonangol Gas Natural Limitada is a private company categorized under Oil and Gas Exploration and Development and located in Luanda, Angola.11

Key people are Salvador Gabarró Serra and Rafael Villaseca.

Corporate Head Office of Gas Natural Fenosa in Barcelona Code of Ethics An honourable, 12
Dominating the Barceloneta skyline, The Gas Natural Tower is one of the most unusual and innovative buildings in Barcelona.13
Gas Natural is one of the ten largest European energy multinationalsand a leader in the vertical integration of gas and power in Spain and Latin America.14
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Gas Natural VeicularGas Nomination System gas oil gas oil Gas Oil Contact Gas oil ratio Gas Operated Hydraulic Unit 17
Gas Natural Vendita Italia SpA is primarily engaged in manufacture of gas; and...18
En el pasado, el gas natural se consideraba un subproducto sin valor asociado con la extracción petróleo crudo, hasta que en 1920 se hizo evidente que era una valiosa fuente de combustibles como el propano 19
zona de Texas) que cal extreure quan el gas natural és destinat a usos industrials i domèstics.20
Gas Natural Sdg SA · 425 · Endesa SA · On 2/16/06 - Filed On 2/16/06 4:37pm ET · SEC File 333-07654 · Accession Number 1193125-6-33612 in 21
GAS NATURAL FENOSA has built a strong, well-managed asset and Actis looks forward to working with the current management team to provide a first class customer service to 22
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Gas Natural SDG
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S.A. (corporation)
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Energy industry
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Salvador Gabarró Serra
Rafael Villaseca

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