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Hellenic Petroleum S.A. is the largest oil refining company in Greece and with its roots dating to 1958 with the establishment of the first oil refinery in Greece (Aspropyrgos). It adopted its current name in 1998 changing from the Public Petroleum Corporation S.A. (DEP) as the result of a corporate reorganization. It is a consortium of 9 subsidiaries and a number of additional companies of which it has varying degrees of management control.

Hellenic Petroleum SA is a Greece-based company active in the energy sector.1
LONDON, July 1 - Hellenic Petroleum SA agreed to pay $500 million for BP PLC’s ground fuels marketing business in Greece to build up its marketing presence.2
LONDON, Jan 20 (Reuters) - State owned Hellenic Petroleum has awarded a tender to buy gasoil for February, traders said on Friday.3
The Company EKO YU, member of the Hellenic Petroleum Group, held on December 7 the press conference in the Hyatt Regency Hotel, on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of business operations in Serbia.4
Hellenic Petroleum in oil exploration contract in Egypt 12 October, 2007 Hellenic Petroleum on Thursday announced that a joint venture, in which it 5
Hellenic Petroleum engages in principally engages in refining and marketing of oil products as well as exploration, development and production, of hydrocarbons.6
Hellenic Petroleum petrochemical assets could be for sale = By Will Beacham on March 18, 2010 9:22 AM | No Comments | No TrackBacks 7
by Hellenic Petroleum (Helpe), the refinery has a hydrodesulphurisation unit with a capacity of 800,000t of diesel. The refinery also includes storage areas for 3.8
Hellenic Petroleum board approves 850 mln eur investment for Elefsina refinery = Published : Wed, 21 Feb 2007 14:54 By : Agencies Print this 9
Hellenic Petroleum has acquired hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation rights in West Obayed, Egypt.10
Hellenic Petroleum says it has alternatives to Iran oil - Top Greek refiner Hellenic Petroleum said on Wednesday it had not been informed 11
Hellenic Petroleum is a Greek refining and marketing company that owns...12
Greek refinery Hellenic Petroleum plans to spend 850 million ($1.2 billion) to install four new production units at its Elefsina refinery.13
Employees of Hellenic Petroleum (ELPE) on Sunday launched a 10-day strike that could potentially disrupt the smooth supply of the market with fuel in the coming days, as ANA reported.14
Hellenic Petroleum SA shareholders approved plans for a memorandum of understanding with the Greek state to jointly sell the country’s natural gas supplier DEPA, according to an Athens bourse filing on 15

Key people are John Costopoulos and Anastasios Giannitsis.

Hellenic Petroleum said on Wednesday second-quarter profit rose more than fourfold, helped by a lower tax charge and higher income from its natural gas and electricity generation 16
“Founded in 1998, Hellenic Petroleum is one of the leading energy groups in South East Europe, with activities spanning across the energy value chain and in 11 countries.17
Stock Symbol for Hellenic PetroleumStock Symbol for Hellenic Petroleum http://hellenic-petroleum.greece.ticker-symbols.bolsas.18
HELLENIC PETROLEUM SA, for increased production of cleaner fuels through upgrading the Elefsina refinery. The agreement was celebrated in a public signature ceremony in Athens.19
Hellenic Petroleum’s Elefsis refinery near Athens.20
refinery of Hellenic Petroleum at Elefsis.21
Hellenic Petroleum considers de-investing from oil deposits in Montenegro due to inconformity of government to proceed with new legislation on oil deposits drilling as well as technological upgrades, the 22
Hellenic Petroleum's Elefsis plant upgrade delayed = * Tweet * Link this 23
Hellenic Petroleum Refining Complex in Thessaloniki, Greece.24
Hellenic Petroleum's concession agreement for exploration and production of hydrocarbons in the Mesaha area of Egypt was signed October 9, 2007 between a conglomerates consisting of Melrose 25
Hellenic Petroleum and Edison sign final agreement for strategic ...26
ExxonMobil's FLEXICOKING Technology Selected by Hellenic Petroleum for Refinery Upgrade. = FAIRFAX, Va.27
Hellenic Petroleum is a dynamic Group, with solid foundations and a continuous profitability that holds a leading position in the Greek energy sector as well as in 28
A Strategic Alliance Between Hellenic Petroleum - Elpedison = Energia.29
Energy type
Company Name
Hellenic Petroleum S.A.
Ελληνικά Πετρέλαια Α.Ε.
Location City
Company Type
S.A. (corporation)
Operating Income
Number Of Employees
Area Served
Region Served
Southeast Europe
Num Employees
Energy industry
Net Income
Formation Year
Key Person
Chief executive officer
Key People
John Costopoulos
Anastasios Giannitsis

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