Imera Power

Imera Power is an Irish Company and is a privately held company that pursues and develops international opportunities in the private power and gas markets. The company and its management team have extensive successful experience permitting designing constructing and operating safe and innovative energy technologies and projects. The company is privately financed and privately held.

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Imera Power is an Irish Company and is a privately held company that pursues and develops international opportunities in the private power and gas markets.2
Imera Power ist ein irischer Energieerzeuger mit Sitz in Dublin. Die Firma ist in privaten Händen und auf dem Energie- und Gasmarkt tätig.3
Imera Power will connect Arklow substation in Co. Wicklow and Pentir Substation in North Wales.4

Imera Power is founded in Dublin, Ireland,

Key person is Chief Executive.

Irish-owned Imera Power Limited (IPL), which plans to invest a further €280m developing SWS’ wind energy business.5
Imera Power is the promoter of an Irish Sea East West Interconnector project, an independent merchant electricity interconnector.6
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Formation Year
Ireland 2005
Energy type
Company Name
Imera Power
Electricity generation
Company Type
Limited Company
Key People
Chief Executive
Num Employees
Company Slogan
'''Investing in the Future'
Foundation Place

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