Israel Electric Corporation
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Israel Electric Corporation is the main supplier of electrical power in Israel. IEC builds maintains and operates power generation stations sub-stations as well as the transmission and distribution networks. The company is the sole integrated electric utility in the State of Israel and generates transmits and distributes substantially all the electricity used in the State of Israel. The State of Israel owns approximately 99.85% of the Company.

The Israel Electric Corporation negotiating team has returned from Egypt without any agreements.1
Arbitration for Israel Electric Corporation (in Hebrew) - Sun, 12/09/2007 - 09:11 This article is in Hebrew.2
Israel Electric Corporation & its expansion plans 2010 The Electricity Commissioner is responsible to the Minister to supervise, approve and plan for the current and future needs of the 3
Based on Israel Electric Corporation reports for 2007 Updated: 24/08/2009 Electricity production is responsible for a large portion of the country's air pollutant emissions, including sulfur dioxide, 4
The Israel Electric Corporation, in cooperation with the Society for Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites, and the preservation divisions of local authorities, acts to preserve historically 5
Main supplier for Israel Electric Corporation and for the private market . company web-site: www.reinhausen.6
The Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) reported yesterday that it expected electricity consumption to reach an all-time high over night.7
the Public Utilities Authority, and Israel Electric Corporation for its plans to build a 14-megawatt wind farm in the Golan Heights.8
instructed the Israel Electric Corporation on Sunday to begin implementing a plan to lay undersea cables to link Israel’s electricity grid to that of Cyprus.9

Key people are Michael Lazar and Amos Lasker.

talks to partner with Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) on a $70 million project for installing wind turbines in the Lower Galilee.10
Israel Electric Corporation preparing to sign contract for delivery of buoy-based floating regasification vessel.11
Israel Electric Corporation is Israel's state-owned main supplier of electrical power.12
Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) for supplying spare parts for the General Electric (6B's & 9E's) gas turbine fleet.13
* Advising the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) on its agreement for purchase of natural gas from Egypt (while serving as Legal Advisor for Natural 14
representing 23% of the Israel Electric Corporation's total generation capacity (that is, until phase D expansion at the Rutenberg power stationRutenberg Power StationRutenberg Power Station is a coal-powered power plant 15
renamed the Israel Electric Corporation, became a state-owned enterprise. New power plants were built in several locations and production of electricity increased manifold.16
The Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) incorporated in 1923 is a Public Utility, generating and supplying electricity throughout the State of Israel. The IEC directly serves a population of about 5.17
Energy type
Company Name
Israel Electric Corporation
Pinhas Rutenberg
Company Type
Government-owned corporation
₪ 17.6 billion
Operating Income
₪ 332 million
Number Of Employees
Area Served
Region Served
Num Employees
Electric utility
Company Slogan
With you every moment
Net Income
₪ 253 million
Founded By
Pinhas Rutenberg
Formation Year
Key Person
Amos Lasker
Michael Lazar
Key People
Michael Lazar
Amos Lasker

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