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Roaring 40s is an electricity generator formed in partnership between Hydro Tasmania and China Light & Power (CLP). Since the beginning in 2005 Roaring 40s’ has 13 sites in operation or in planning in Australia India Hong Kong and mainland China. Cathedral Rocks Woolnorth Waterloo Wind Farm and Musselroe are four notable power plants that the company owns.

All the photographs from the Roaring 40s Concert are now available on the Hyde Band Website. Thanks to Stephen Bartlett for taking the photographs.
Roaring 40s Supplementary Submission Transend Second Supplementary Submission Alinta Second Supplementary Submission Hydro Tasmania Second Supplementary Submission Hydro 2
energy company Roaring 40s advises that the Musselroe wind farm on Tasmania's far northeast tip has "substantially commenced".3
Thank you Roaring 40s for supporting the refuge.4
the Roaring 40s GT40 of Herschel Byrd.5
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CLP will acquire from Roaring 40s the shareholding held by that business in wind farm projects in Mainland China.7
Roaring 40s, a wind energy development joint venture established six years ago by Hydro Tasmania and TRUenergy’s parent company, the CLP Group.8
"Ken provided Roaring 40s with a gourmet BBQ experience that was a highlight for our Chinese guests.9
Tasmanian renewable energy company Roaring 40s has signed a cooperation agreement with a major Chinese energy corporation that positions it to play a leading role in China’s extraordinary wind farm 10
Wind farm specialists Roaring 40s announced six months ago it was stopping work on projects at Heemskirk in Tasmania and Waterloo in South Australia because of poor government support.11
Last night, Roaring 40s secured an $80 million deal to develop a wind farm on China's coast.12

Key person is Mark Kelleher.

Roaring 40s was formed in 2005 as a joint venture between Hydro Tasmania and China Light and Power Asia Renewable Projects 13
Waterloo Wind Farm, a Roaring 40s success — EcoGeneration — The magazine for Australia’s clean energy industry - The Waterloo Wind Farm is approximately 30 kilometres south-east of 14
Roaring 40s, but says the Musselroe project will proceed “later this year.15
North Cronulla by Roaring 40s Boardriders2 months ago Surfing is a family thing for the Roaring 40s Boardriders.16
Roaring 40s Concerts and playing off the Oriana cruise ship in Southampton Forthcoming Engagements 2012 = Hover over the list to halt the scroll.17
at Waterloo and assume the Roaring 40s share in the Cathedral Rocks wind farm, as well as a share of mainland development opportunities.18
Roaring 40s met with the community on Tuesday night at Gladstone to talk about the wind farm's future.19
Tasmania, Roaring 40s operates state-of-the-art turbines in some of the world's windiest latitudes.20
Government has already sold wind farming company Roaring 40s on earlier in April.21
Search for activities » Roaring 40s Wilderness Kayak Tours in Tasmania Roaring 40s Wilderness Kayak Tours in Tasmania - Australia: Dover 22
BEN FORDHAM: We're heading right into the middle of the Roaring 40s in search of a mythical giant wave at a reef called Pedra Branca. Until now, its never been surfed, And that's why were going.23
Kim Brodlieb and Ian Balmer, owners of Roaring 40s Ocean Kayaking in Kettering, are experienced wilderness adventurers with formal sea kayaking qualifications. Sea kayaks measure 5.24
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Public utility
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CLP Group
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Mark Kelleher
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