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Shenhua Group is a state-owned mining and energy company in China. It is the largest Coal producing Company in the world. It was founded in October 1995 under the auspices of the State Council of the People's Republic of China.

biggest coal producer, Shenhua Group, has joined the WCA.1
Shenhua Group Corporation Limited (“Shenhua Group”), will join the Company’s Advisory Board. Mr.2
will sign a letter of intent today with Shenhua Group Corporation Limited, a wholly state-owned Chinese company, for the manufacture and delivery of TEREX|Unit Rig rigid off-highway haul trucks.3
Siemens to Supply Coal Gasification Technology to Shenhua Group for DME Project; Shenhua Expanding Direct Coal Liquefaction Plant 28 January 2007 - Shenhua Ningxia Coal 4
Shenhua Group Corp Ltd (parent of Shenhua Guohua Energy Invest) Mergers & Acquisitions - China Shenhua Energy Co Ltd acquires Bashu Electric Power Dvlp Corp 5
, Ltd, part of the Shenhua Group Corporation Limited, has selected Univation’s UNIPOL™ PE process for a 300 kilo-tonnes-per-year polyethylene plant.6
The Shenhua Group is one of the leading home textile manufacturers in China . Established in 1999, the operating arm of the Group's business, Shaoxing Shenhua Textile Co.7
DMTO technology license Contract Signing with Shenhua Group on 17th 9, 2007 - Published: The signing ceremony of the 600kta DMTO technology license contract 8
understanding in April with Shenhua Group, which owns 81% of Shenhua Energy. That might lead to the two companies developing a coal mine in Australia, with the production shipped to China.9
Shenhua Group Corporation Home News & Bulletin 10
GE Signed ZLD Solution Contract with Shenhua Group Coal Gasification GE-Water & Process Technologies signed a ZLD solution contract worth US$15 million with Shenhua Group Coal Liquefaction Limited Company to 11
Shenhua Group industries such as power generation,coal production and port.12
, Ltd, part of the Shenhua Group Corporation Limited, has selected Univation's UNIPOL() PE process for a 300 kilo-tonnes-per-year polyethylene plant.13
Shenhua Group Corporation Limited (Shenhua Group) is a state-owned enterprise, founded in October 1995 with the approval of the State Council pursuant to Corporate Laws.14
IEA hosted by Shenhua Group Corporation Contact(s): pawel.olejarnik@iea.15
HEFEI - Shenhua Group, China's largest coal producer, has made huge profits from its pilot coal-to-liquid (CTL) project in North China in the first three months of this year, a company executive said 16

Key person is Mr. Zhang Xiwu.

Engineer for the Shenhua Group before being named Chairman & CEO of Shendong Coal Corporation, a Shenhua Group subsidiary, where he had full P&L responsibility.17
The Shenhua Group is one of the biggest exporters of fabric (to 47 countries) and one of the leading home textile manufacturers in China.18
reached an agreement with Shenhua Group Corporation Limited on establishing a coal gasification joint venture. Early this year, the upcoming joint venture is expected to start operation.19
QUETTA, Pakistan - The Shenhua Group Corp of China is quitting the US$1.5 billion Thar coal project in Pakistan.20
China Shenhua Group of limited liability companies Ma 0375-3921931 3921932 3921933 www.shenma.21
SHENHUA GROUP UD MINING CO LTD was established in June 1958 in Inter Mongolia.It was registered as a State Owned Limited company.22
Shenhua Group plans to produce over 30 million tonnes of coal-derived liquids and chemicals in the next 5 years, in addition to 800 million tonnes of coal, Zhang added.23
China Shenhua Group, the country's largest coal producer, has started construction on a project capable of producing alumina from coal ash, a waste byproduct of thermal power generation.24
Shenhua Group is the parent of China Shenhua Energy Co , which posted a 19 percent increase in third-quarter net profit last year on the back of 25
Shenhua Group, 84 billion RMB sales by end of 2006, is the leading coal company in China with 200 million tons of coal production a year and an 26
Dow and the Shenhua Group are investigating the establishment of a coal-to-chemicals plant in Yulin, China.27
Vice Executive, Shenhua Group; CEO, China Shenhua Coal Liquefaction Co. Ltd.; and, Professor, China Coal Research Institute Dr.28
It was invested by Shenhua Group and is a power plant for Coal-to-oil company’s direct liquefaction.29
China's top coal producer Shenhua Group Corp has started operations at the nation's first coal-to-liquids project in the northern Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.30
BLOOMFIELD, NJ, December 19 - Shenhua Group Corporation has awarded ABB a project management contract for their direct coal liquefaction project to be located in Majiata, Inner Mongolia, People’s Republic of 31
China Shenhua Energy Company
Energy type
Company Name
Shenhua Group
Location City
Company Type
Government-owned corporation
Area Served
Region Served
People's Republic of China
China Shenhua Energy Company
Num Employees
Coal mining
Formation Year
Key Person
Key People
Mr. Zhang Xiwu

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