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Wavegen is a wave energy company based in Inverness Scotland. It was founded in 1990 by Allan Thomson. In 2000 Wavegen became the first company in the world to connect a commercial scale wave energy device to the grid on the Scottish island of Islay. The LIMPET (Land Installed Marine Powered Energy Transformer) is a shoreline device which produces power from an oscillating water column.

technology, Wavegen has pioneered the research, development and manufacture of several innovative marine power systems.1
Voith Hydro Wavegen in Inverness, Scotland, is “center of competence” for wave energy within the company. As such, it also conducts research and development of wave energy systems.2
story about the Wavegen company in Scotland.3
* Wavegen recognised for green energy achievements Wave power company Wavegen has been awarded the Accenture Award for Outstanding International 4
* Agilent DSOX2012A with WaveGen and Education Kit « previous next » * Print Pages: 2 Author 6
Voith Hydro Wavegen, the Inverness-based marine energy company, has cause to celebrate after successfully handing over the world’s first full life wave power plant into commercial operation.7
Wavegen are World Leaders in Wave Energy, Wave Power and Clean, Renewable Electricity Power Generation - 8
OWC wave power plant by Voith Hydro Wavegen at Mutriku (Spain) now in full operation - Posted on November 23, 2011 | Leave a comment 9
* In WaveGen, increase the synchronization pulse amplitude in the advanced options. - 11.10
Wavegen said the diagram on its website had not been changed.11
Wavegen, a wholly owned subsidiary of Voith Siemens Hydro. The wave power station will consist of a concrete breakwater structure located ca.12

Wavegen - Harnessing the Power of the Ocean with Flowmaster Wavegen chose Flowmaster as their fluid systems simulation package due to its versatility, ease of use and its ability 13
dividends, and Voith Hydro Wavegen now has specific projects, or development prospects, in several countries across the globe.14
Oscillating Water Colum (OWC) technology that Wavegen has developed.15
Wavegen are World Leaders in Wave Energy, Wave Power and Clean, Renewable Electricity Power Generation Wave PowerLimpetRenewable Electricity Wavegen C O 16
Wavegen's advanced tank testing facility is suited to R&D in areas such as coastal fixed and offshore and coastal waters as well as marine renewable energy systems.17
* Industry-exclusive WaveGen built-in function generator (optional) * Upgradable bandwidth * Upgradable MSO * Upgradable WaveGen 18
It has been developed by Wavegen; an Inverness based company in collaboration with Queen’s University in Belfast.19
Scottish subsidiary Wavegen where it is successfully field-tested for seven years now. The pioneer in wave power operates the first long-term grid connected wave energy plant.20
A land-based version of the oscillating watercolumn turbine from Wavegen (below) and an inside look (left) at how wave action turns a turbine.21
Wavegen has created the world's first commercial wave power plant, and it's been producing enough electricity to light 400 homes.22
will deliver an insight into the Voith business and Wavegen’s position within it, wave energy - principal types of energy conversion / power generation, Wavegen technology, Wave resource - estimating annual energy 23
As a simple example, the wavegen port consists of a source archive called wavegen-1.0.tar.gz, which extracts to wavegen-1.0.24

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