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Exelon Corporation is an electricity generating and distributing company headquartered in the Chase Tower in the Chicago Loop area of Chicago. It was created in October 2000 by the merger of PECO Energy Company and Unicom of Philadelphia and Chicago respectively. Unicom owned Commonwealth Edison. Exelon has 5.4 million electricity customers and serves 485 000 natural gas customers in the Philadelphia suburbs.

Exelon Corporation had not disclosed radioactive leaks at one of its nuclear plants" * Generation Company agrees to pay 1
Exelon profit up 16% on gains; revenue slides 8:57 a.m. Jan. 25, 2012 - MarketWatch.2
neurologist is planning on prescribing Exelon for him. He appointment is November 12. ...3
* Exelon Gains Maryland’s Approval for Constellation TakeoverBloomberg | 2/17/2012 * First Solar Rises After Antelope Permit Issue Is ResolvedBloomberg 4
Exelon Corporation (NYSE: EXC) is an electricity generating and distributing company headquartered in the Chase Tower in the Chicago Loop area of Chicago.5
About the Medication Exelonthumbnail About the Medication Exelon Flag this photo Exelon is a prescription-only medication used to treat Alzheimer's disease and dementia caused by Parkinson's 6
commitments to Maryland, Chicago-based Exelon has gained his support. He had opposed the $7.9 billion buyout as it was originally structured.7
Display the Exelon news headlines on your website.8
Exelon and Constellation agreed last month to $1 billion in concessions to gain O'Malley's support for the $7.9 billion buyout.9
Exelon and Constellation Reach Merger Settlement with the State of Maryland, City of Baltimore, Other Key Parties = Value of merger package increased 10
Exelon Corp (NYSE: EXC) | At A Glance = QUOTES & CHART - * At A Glance 11
Exelon Corporation Exelon Nuclear Partners = Nuclear energy is a clean, safe, affordable way to meet growing energy 12
Exelon Corporation (Public, NYSE:EXC) Watch this stock 39.27 -0.23 (-0.13
Exelon Corporation = Annual Report Company Description Exelon Corporation (Exelon) is a utility services holding company.14
Exelon Corporation, the largest operator of nuclear power plants in the U.Exelon moves on, wishes NRG well by International Business Times - US ed.16
Exelon executive: 600 positions identified for cuts under merger = Corporate level would see positions eliminated, Crane says - November 02, 17
Exelon Infrastructure Limited is going to set up the thermal power project is represented by a 350 MW coastal thermal power project being processed near krishnapatnam in Andhra 18
Exelon is one of the nation's largest energy companies.19

Exelon is founded in Unicom.

Key person is John Rowe (CEO) Exelon.

Exelon Nuclear, operates the largest Nuclear fleet in the nation and the third largest in the world. We have 10 Power Plants across the U.20
Exelon Patch contains rivastigmine, an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor indicated for the: - Treatment of mild to moderate dementia of the Alzheimer’s type (1.21
Exelon Patient Information Including Side Effects Brand Names: Exelon Generic Name: rivastigmine (Pronunciation: ri va STIG meen) * What 22
Exelon ratchets up pay for CEO John Rowe - By Julie Wernau, Chicago Tribune reporter | February 9, 2012On the verge of retirement, Exelon Chief 23
Exelon to Buy Constellation Energy for $7.24
Exelon, Constellation Announce Leadership Team for Combined Commercial Business = Huston, Nigro, Duckworth and Quinn to comprise senior team, reporting 25
Exelon, which has pledged to build a Baltimore headquarters as part of a $7.26
Exelon-Constellation Merger Approved By Maryland Regulators 2/17/2012 by Smart Money Weak Numbers From Constellation Energy - Analyst Blog 2/17/2012 27
Exelon/l/ExelonExelon 469 results for "Exelon" between $10.00 and $500.00 = Tweet 469 Exelon $10.00 $500.28
Exelon® 2 mg/ml oral solution Go to top of the page2.29
Flag Close The Exelon Patch is a patch that is applied once a day to individuals with Alzheimer's to help treat the patient's memory, reasoning, communicating, understanding, and overall function.30
Most analysts think investors should stand pat on Exelon, with 10 of 15 analysts rating it hold.31
Read more about Exelon's competition across multiple industries Top Exelon Competitors * Ameren * Dynegy 32
severe vomiting in patients who have interrupted Exelon therapy for longer than several days, treatment should be reinitiated with the lowest daily dose.33
Subscribe to Fortune MagazineIs Exelon a great company, or what? Key financials $ millions % change from 2008 34
that the Exelon Corporation had not disclosed radioactive leaks at one of its nuclear plants, the state’s freshman senator, Barack Obama, took up their cause.35
What Is the Exelon Patch?thumbnail What Is the Exelon Patch? Flag this photo Dementia is a key characteristic of Alzheimer's disease, and a debilitative effect 36
First Solar and Exelon said last week that the pending approvals had held up federal loans backed...37
Settles With Exelon Over Constellation Energy Deal = January 04, 2012, 7:00 AM EST * 38
Merger of PECO Energy and Unicom in 2000
Energy type
Company Name
Exelon Corporation
Traded As
S&P 500
Company Type
Public company
Operating Income
US$ 4.726 billion
Number Of Employees
Num Employees
Electric utility
US$ 52.240 billion
US$ 13.560 billion
Net Income
US$ 2.563 billion
Formation Year
Key Person
Chief executive officer
John Rowe (CEO) Exelon
Key People
John Rowe (CEO) Exelon
Foundation Place

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