GDF SUEZ Energy Resources NA

GDF SUEZ Energy Resources NA is the retail energy subsidiary of GDF SUEZ Energy North America Inc. It has its headquarters in 3 Post Oak Central in Uptown Houston Texas. The company is the second largest non-residential retail electricity supplier in the United States and currently serves commercial and industrial customers in 11 markets: Delaware Texas Massachusetts Maine Maryland New York New Jersey Pennsylvania Illinois Connecticut and Washington D.C.

Development at GDF SUEZ Energy Resources NA and has held a variety of leadership roles at various marketers and retail energy consultants over a 20-year career.1
GDF SUEZ Energy Resources NA , headquartered in Houston, Texas, ... GDF SUEZ Energy International has a strong presence in its markets, with a total power ...2
GDF SUEZ Energy Resources NA has posted its "Wake Up Ohio" webinar online, providing Ohio businesses with the opportunity to better understand the impact of FirstEnergy's decision to transition control 3

GDF SUEZ Energy Resources NA is one of the largest non-residential retail energy suppliers in the U.S.4
GDF SUEZ Energy Resources NA is the fastest-growing retail electricity provider to commercial and industrial customers, with more than 8,000 commercial and industrial accounts in Maryland, Massachusetts, Maine, 5
supplier such as GDF SUEZ Energy Resources NA for the energy portion of their bill.6

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