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Saskatoon Light & Power is a utility that provides electrical service within the city of Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada . The utility is owned by the City of Saskatoon but its service is limited to the city as it was within its boundaries as of 1958 the year the company was founded. Electrical service in the rest of Saskatoon and the rest of Saskatchewan is provided by the provincial utility SaskPower which also supplies all the electricity that Saskatoon Light & Power uses.

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Saskatoon Light & Power commissioned this report, which concludes that a hydropower station can be incorporated into the existing weir, and is both technically feasible and economically viable.3
Saskatoon Light & Power while in the remainder of the system power distribution is handled by SaskPower.4

Saskatoon Light & Power, Saskatchewan, Canada: Proactive treatment of feeder cables.5
Saskatoon Light & Power, the city is exploring the viability of a hydropower generation setup at the Saskatoon Weir, which could ultimately power up to 4,800 homes.6
The closure will allow Saskatoon Light & Power to complete work in the area. Road restrictions are expected to end Monday, February 6th barring inclement weather and unforeseen circumstances.7
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