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Bullfrog Power is a Canadian electricity retailer operating in the provinces of British Columbia Alberta Ontario Nova Scotia New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Bullfrog offers its customers power from renewable energy sources such as wind and low-impact water power. Every generator has been certified to meet or exceed the federal government's Environmental Choice Program EcoLogo standard for renewable electricity.

Bullfrog Power and Chevrolet Canada will announce the launch of an innovative new product offering.1
The Bullfrog Power 2010 Emissions Calculation = Shared by: ihe44077 CategoriesTechnology Tagsgreen power, climate change, carbon neutral, renewable energy, wind power, renewable electricity, 2
" The Chevrolet Volt Bullfrog Power Edition combines the mobility and independence that Canadians want with the green technology and reduced impact that 3
The switch to Bullfrog Power is part of a larger campaign by Unilever to reduce the environmental impact of their products through 4
GP Radio: Bullfrog Power Markets Wind Power in Alberta = Home / Blogs / Mark MacGillivray's blog / By Mark MacGillivray on 28 June 2007 - 2:28pm 5
Founded in 2005, Bullfrog Power is a leading provider of 100% green electricity, with service available to Ontario and Alberta residents and businesses.6
conventional energy sources – Bullfrog Power can help lessen the impact by offering green renditions of gas and electricity.7
GM unveils new Chevrolet Volt Bullfrog Power edition in Canada = ABR Staff Writer Published 09 February 2012 General Motors has unveiled the new Chevrolet Volt Bullfrog 8
Chevrolet Volt gets greener with Bullfrog Power Edition 2012-02-06 Toronto, ON, February 6, 2012—Bullfrog Power, Canada’s 100 per cent green energy provider, and Chevrolet Canada, today announced 9
GM and Bullfrog Power are offering a greener way to charge the battery of the electric car. - A Chevrolet Volt at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.10
Supporting green electricity through Bullfrog Power is a significant step toward achieving our goals.11

Bullfrog Power is founded in 2005.

Key people are Greg Kiessling, Theresa Howland and Tom Heintzman.

partnership with Bullfrog Power, Partners in Project Green recently launched the Green Power Challenge, encouraging businesses in the Pearson Eco-Business Zone to achieve a collective goal of greening 13
Bullfrog Power is Canada’s leading provider of Green Electricity and the first and only choice to support new wind power in British Columbia.14
Frog Legs BULLFROG POWER SUSPENSION CASTER FORKS Caster Fork 94021 $320.00 Description Say goodbye to rough ride problems.15
Chevrolet Volt Gets Greener With Bullfrog Power Edition PDF Print E-mail Friday, 10 February 2012 Bullfrog Power, Canada's 16
Well friends, I have been looking over Bullfrog Power, is what they are doing legal, yes it is legal, is it ethical? Not in my opinion.17
Bullfrog Power is a leading provider of 100% green electricity to homes and businesses in Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island 18
Bullfrog Power is a source of green electricity. The electricity coming out of my wall sockets isn't really any different than that of my neighbors.19
Choosing Bullfrog Power is an easy, practical and powerful way to take a stand for low-impact renewable electricity, reduce your environmental footprint and create a cleaner world for 20
Wind Powered by Bullfrog Power for our electricity source Bullfrog Wind Power As a leader in the health industry, we aspire to set an example that 21
Bullfrog Power sources all of its electricity from power generation that meet the federal government's Environmental Choice Program EcoLogo M standard for renewable, low-impact electricity.22
BullFrog Power Is Bringing Their Friends To The Gym! The November issue of e-Buzz, the newsletter from Bullfrog Power, arrived in my Inbox today, and 23
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Greg Kiessling
Theresa Howland
Tom Heintzman
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Greg Kiessling
Theresa Howland
Tom Heintzman
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Bullfrog Power
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